Interesting Museums Near Ovation at Park Crest

Exploring a museum is a fun way to discover fascinating stories.

Some of the most interesting museums near Ovation at Park Crest include:

National Guard Memorial Museum

The National Guard Memorial Museum tells the story of the guard’s 400-year history from the colonial days to the present efforts both at home and abroad. It is the only national museum to do so, and the 5,600 square foot exhibition space features artifacts and interactive exhibits that showcase those who have made contributions to their country. The exhibit gallery includes “The Citizen Solider in World War ll” and “The National Guard Coming of Age.”

National Postal Museum

Located in the historic City Post Office Building which served as the Washington, D.C. post office from 1914 to 1986, the National Postal Museum houses one of the largest and most significant philatelic and postal history collections on the globe. There is much to do including taking a stroll along a colonial post road, riding with the mail in a stage coach, and exploring a 1920s small town post office. 

National Museum of the U.S. Navy

This is the only museum in the country that presents an overview of U.S. naval history. Its website states that both the temporary and permanent exhibits commemorate the Navy’s wartime heroes and battles, as well as its peacetime contributions in exploration, diplomacy, navigation, and humanitarian service. Exhibits include “Dive! Dive! U.S. Navy Submarines,” “Civil War: Securing the Seas for Union Victory,” and “Spanish-American War.”

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