There’s More Than Just Groceries at Whole Foods

French crullers. Sourdough doughnuts. Beignets. These are just a few of the sweet treats you can expect to find at Whole Foods—but not in the bakery section. The Tysons Corner store has its own in-house doughnut shop, Curiosity Doughnuts. The bakers craft a wide variety of creative sweets, from simpled vanilla yeasted doughnuts to potato doughnuts.

Joined by a sushi bar, a pub, a cafe, and other in-house eateries, Curiosity Doughnuts is just one of the ways that Whole Foods departs from your traditional supermarket. It also holds its foods to a much higher standard than your average grocery store, stocking mostly organic and all-natural groceries. From the local, organic produce and sustainably sourced seafood to the artisan-brand pantry staples, you’ll find everything you need at Whole Foods. Stop in to do your shopping at the store or order pickup or delivery through Amazon Prime.