Work Your Way Out of Three Challenging Scenarios at Calypso Escape Room

Just as soon as you rejoice in the warm spring weather, you’ll be looking for an air conditioned break. Calypso Escape Room has three distinct concepts to engage you and your friends or colleagues in a one of a kind adventure the next time you need an inside activity. 

Choose from Grandma’s Twisted Condo to retrieve stolen family heirlooms, Sully’s Haunted Cabin to escape a maze of disappearing doors, or The Lighthouse to break out of cramped, locked quarters. Each room has movie-quality props, a thoughtful story plot and challenging puzzles for an incredible hour of immersive entertainment. Calypso Escape Room is a top choice for corporations and businesses because of its highly effective team building exercises, while still being a fun way to grow camaraderie between colleagues. Rooms are designed for a maximum of eight participants, and you have the opportunity to book the whole room and only work with your crew. Reservations are required, so review all the options and book directly from the website before you visit.